About company

“Berry of Karelia” manufacturing company is the first full-cycle wild and garden berry processing  plant in Russia – from electronic cleaning and sorting of berries to manufacturing of fruit-and-berry fillers, fruit-and-berry purees, jams, preserves and marmalades. Karelia is a unique territory in the Northwest of Russia, where there are still many ecologically clean forests full of northern berries such as cloudberries, bilberries, cowberries and cranberries. Our republic is the leader in harvesting of wild berries in Russia.

These are the berries that are primarily being processed at our plant. The pungent taste of cowberries, the sourish taste of cranberries, the sweet taste of bilberries and the luscious taste of cloudberries are the main tastes that “Berry of Karelia” manufacturing company is known for. Every year our land gives good crops of garden berries such as currants, raspberries and gooseberries. Besides, our plant also processes fruits; first of all, these are apples, pears, apricots and peaches loved by many. In order to provide our customers with a full tastes line we add to the dear, familiar and loved from childhood tastes such exotic tastes as mango, banana, kiwi and pineapple.

Advanced European equipment installed at the plant, allows us to preserve all the health-giving properties of fruits and berries. The plant has been certified in accordance with ISO 22000:2007  - an international quality standard  in the sphere of food safety management system. It means that all products made by our company have been documented as safe and are controlled by the food safety management system based on internationally acknowledged principles.

We offer our customers a wide range of products –high-quality natural fruit-and-berry fillers for confectionery and dairy industry and ice-cream manufacturers; fruit-and-berry purees and concentrated fruit drinks – for manufacturers of juices, drinks and medicinal-and-preventative nutrition. Gourmets valuing quality and natural products can enjoy our tasty preserves, jams and marmalades. For transport companies, bars, coffee shops and hotels we can offer convenient 20-140 g portion pack products, ice cream toppings and fruit drinks.

All natural products and unique tastes are good for tea, as well as in a yoghurt and in an aromatic bun!

Together with our products we present our customers a piece of our land of blue lakes and its lovely scents!