How detect studs without stud finder

If you need to find a beam in the wall that, you does not necessarily buy the electronic stud finder. No doubt with the development of electronics to do it has become much easier. However, in order not to be mistaken in the choice of sensor is useful to read best stud finder reviews.

But sometimes the old proven techniques are much easier and cheaper. In confirmation of this, I want to show you today a simple way how to detect are studs in the wall without the use of specialized equipment. This method is guaranteed to work with plastered and wooden walls. The primary condition is that the walls were not significant thickness.

We need a magnet. Excellent if the magnet is neodymium because such a magnet can detect are studs in a very thick wall. But it is possible to use a conventional magnet such as from audio speakers. For example, I used a magnet from the refrigerator. The second thing we need as a simple string or fishing line to which we tie our magnet.

Then you need to hold the magnet suspended flowing movements along the wall. The magnet will be attracted to the wall in the place where there is a bar. Then you will only have to make a mark on the wall in the right place. If you do, this method seems too slow I recommend using a neodymium magnet. This magnet is much more powerful and will allow you to find almost any piece of metal in the wall quickly.